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9.81 Park’s main attraction is RACE 981, a new type of activity powered by information and communications technology.

Racers pick one out of ten tracks on four different courses depending on their vehicle and race downhill, propelled only by the force of gravity. Without an accelerator, sheer diving skills determine who will win.

The Park has a Unique Venue on the first floor of the main building that is excellent for meetings and has various outdoor activities for team building to enjoy after the meeting. Also, the Park’s location near Pyeonghwa Road in Aewol, part of Jeju’s mid-mountainous region, provides excellent scenery and easy access.

9.81 Park received the Interior Architecture Award at the 2020 iF Design Awards, one of the world’s top three design awards. The award-winning design creates an organic flow from the entrance to the waiting area to the racetracks, enabling RACE 981 participants to easily move to other facilities after finishing their race.



Jeju International Airport   9.81 PARK 

By Car (40minutes, By Taxi 18,000won)
Gonghangseo-ro 2.1km → Nohyeong-ro 3.2km → Pyeonghwa-ro 10.5km
By Bus (1hour)
Get on the bus No. 182 at Jeju airport→ Transfer at Jeongjon Village bus No. 254 → Get off at Sang-Cheon-ri

ICC Jeju   9.81 PARK 

By Car (30minutes, By Taxi 20,000won)
Jungmungwangwang-ro 2.5km → Jungsanganseo-ro 5.3km → Pyeonghwa-ro 10.1km
By Bus (1hour 10minutes)
Get on the bus No. 600 at ICC Jeju → Transfer at Cheonjeyeon Falls  bus No. 282  → Get off at Kookhakwon



Indoor Conference Room 

| Area : 183.5㎡
| Capacity : 60Pax

Central Garden

| Area : 90㎡
| Capacity : 80Pax



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