Sustainable Unique Places

Sustainable Unique Places 

SK Pinx

Continuous efforts to make SK Pinx sustainable 

· Provide eco-friendly kits to all members so that they can practice ESG in everyday life
· Replace plastic items given for customer convenience with eco-friendly ones, and provide eco-friendly amenities
· Run shuttle buses for the members of the company

Thorough policies of SK Pinx that consider even its golf courses

· Make use of rainwater & gray water to conserve groundwater used in golf courses
· Conduct a project that encourages people to use plastic cups multiple times to reduce the use of disposable items during golf tournaments

Adding happy values together with the local community

· Carry out the ‘Ontact Project’, a project that provides meals to senior citizens on the island,
donate 100 million KRW to Jeju Island to improve the quality of meals, and volunteer to deliver lunch boxes to the homes of the elderly
· Offer exhibition halls for free, targeting works based in Jeju and local artists

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