Green MICE Manual

In recent years, the importance of ‘sustainable’ events has been growing due to the pandemic and climate change. In this regard, Jeju CVB has prepared a ‘Guidelines for hosting green MICE events’ that can protect the environment and save resources in order to return the benefits to the local community. The ‘Manual to Host Green MICE Events Tailord to Jeju’ has been completed by considering the environment of Jeju and its regional characteristics, as well as by collecting case studies and research with expert opinions.

Who is the manual for?

The manual can be used by all the organizers, participants, exhibitors, and venues of the MICE events held in Jeju. 

The manual helps you to achieve Sustainability in MICE events. 

The manual can be used for any MICE events that are held in Jeju. 

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Is it required to follow all the items specified in the manual? 

The checklist items are divided into 3 categories: the Essential, the Advanced, and the Budget and Measurement.

  • The Essential includes basic requirements that must be complied with for hosting a sustainable event.
  • The Advanced contains need more attention and effort.
  • The Budget and Measurement covers the items needed for preliminary budget planning to implement the items in the manual.
I don’t know where to begin. Please, help me! 

It begins with assigning a team or a person-in-charge for hosting a sustainable event at the planning stage. Then, you can actively make use of the support program offered by the Jeju CVB! 

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