Sustainable Unique Places

Sustainable Unique Places 

Grand Hyatt Jeju

Dream Tower, a landmark located in downtown Jeju 
 A touch that can be offered only by Hyatt to conserve resources and protect the environment 

· Use PLA, a decomposable material, for disposable items available in the hotel
· Discharge a minimum amount of food waste externally with its own treatment system
· Filter water used in the hotel and reuse it for cooling water, toilets, fountains, etc. 

Green policies practiced in rooms

· Entirely replace paper guidebooks and promotional materials with QR codes
· Use eco-friendly plastic for amenity packaging and wood, rather than plastic, for toothbrushes and combs 
· Issue green cards in order to encourage guests to minimize laundry, including bedding and towels.

Consideration not only for hotel visitors but also for the local community and residents

· Effectively save energy by installing LED lighting in the front part of the building and photovoltaic facilities
· Use eco-friendly air filters and install multiple EV charging stations
· Have a large underground parking lot and a system for guiding vehicles to prevent traffic congestion around the hotel

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